Listening to the music of Elisabeth Elektra is like finally having your third eye opened.

All these things around us – numerology, metaphysics, crystals, mythology – become something tangible in the Glasgow based musician’s songs.

Singing of nebulous concepts like fantasy, dreams and eternity comes as second nature to this musician, yet they’re also delivered via the most modern and forward-thinking production.

Pop, whether bedroom or dancefloor, is right at the heart of Elisabeth Elektra. Having worked with a fabulously varied bunch of collaborators including Ben Power of Fuck Buttons and Blanck Mass, Nurse With Wound’s Andrew Liles and kindred spirit John Fryer (This Mortal Coil) you can hear that Elektra has extracted every bit of noise and beauty she can from those she’s worked with.

A believer in the power of transformation via art, it’s something Elektra wants to recreate in her live shows. If you’ve seen her constantly shifting persona and stage craft at festivals like All Tomorrow’s Parties, Kendall Calling and SXSW, or as support for Minor Victories and the legendary Human League then you’ll know to expect the unexpected; Something spectacular, and something different…that’s the best way of describing the music of Elisabeth Elektra. A song writer drawing from the cosmic and the familiar to create pop music that’s as addictive and spine-tingling as the stories we’ve been telling for centuries.